Training Wheels
Do you remember learning to ride a bike? When you’re first starting out, those training wheels provide so much security. Without them, you might not even try to ride. On the other hand, if you were still relying on training wheels as an adult, it would be a clear sign that something’s out of gear. At first, training wheels give us freedom to ride, but soon after they hold us back from everything that riding a bike can be.

The writer of the book of Hebrews addressed a similar issue regarding faith. His audience was still relying on spiritual training wheels long after they should have been able to cruise on their own. They were wobbly in their faith and couldn’t get up to speed, but they didn’t have to stay there! This fall, Beacon invites you to come along for the ride as we explore the book of Hebrews to see how we can lose the spiritual training wheels and experience the fullness of the Christian faith.