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2007 Christmas Monologue

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2007 was the first year for the Beacon Christmas monologue.  Join innkeeper Alex Martinez as she takes us back to Bible times, the year after Jesus was born.  Her encounter with Jesus changed her life and her story will impact your heart as well.


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In the Bible, the Gospels record the life of Jesus.  They provide us with a picture of Jesus that helps us to realize that He was a man who lived a life unlike anyone else, a life filled with passion and purpose.
In the winter of 2007, Beacon  examined one day in the life of Jesus - 24 hours that demonstrated who He was and set an example for us to follow.  We will see how in a normal day Jesus spent time with those who were close to Him, spent time doing God's work, spent time in prayer, and spent time relaxing, too!
Come join us for a worship gathering this Sunday as we examine the life of Jesus in a series called "24: A Day in the Life of Jesus Christ."

01/14/07 - Inviting - Robert Kelly
01/21/07 - Working - Robert Kelly
01/28/07 - Caring - Robert Kelly
02/04/07 - Connecting - Christopher Coats
02/11/07 - Resting - Robert Kelly
02/18/07 - Renewing - Robert Kelly
02/25/07 - Rhythm - Christopher Coats

Everbody's Normal...

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The need for community and a sense of belonging is woven into the very fabric of our being.  Nothing can substitute for the life-giving benefits of connecting with other people in meaningful relationships.  But there's a hitch in our experience of community: we're all weird!  People around us may seem normal enough, but once we get to the know them we find out they're not perfect.  The funny thing is, other people think the same thing about us!  Since none of us is perfect, how can we learn to get along and be a part of each other's lives?  It's what some call the porcupine dilemma -- we need each other, but how do we get close without getting hurt? How do we get past all those quills and grow together as a family?
In the Spring of 2007 Beacon unpacked the topic "Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them", based on a book by John Ortberg.

03/04/07 - Everybody's Normal? - Robert Kelly
03/11/07 - Dirty Little Secrets - Robert Kelly
03/18/07 - Big Bed Sex - Robert Kelly
03/25/07 - How to Fight with Style - Christopher Coats
04/01/07 - True Forgiveness - Kiel Cooper
04/06/07 - The Door - Robert Kelly


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In September of 2007, Beacon took a step back to look at the fundamental truth of the Bible: God loves each of us, even though we've done nothing to deserve His love.  This shapes everything that Beacon is about and the way that we look at how a church should point people towards Him.

09/02/07 - The Bride Beneath the Harlot's Skin - Robert Kelly
09/09/07 - A Birthday Party - Robert Kelly


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Life seems to take more fuel than ever before, and it's getting harder and harder to fill up! Do you sometimes feel like you are running on empty? For the next six weeks at Beacon Church we are learning how God can fill our personal tank so that we can sustain a life of depth, purpose, and meaning. We hope enjoy excerpts from these gatherings in the Fall of 2007.

09/16/07 - How to Raise Your Octane - from Robert Kelly
09/23/07 - Finding Alternative Fuels - Robert Kelly
10/07/07 - Don't Pollute - Robert Kelly
10/14/07 - Take the Back Roads - Robert Kelly

Living Beyond Myself

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In August of 2007, Beacon examined the idea that each of us is seeking to live a life of impact, purpose, andmeaning. Living Beyond Myself means that true significance and fulfillment is not found by living a self-centered life, but instead is found in serving others.

08/12/07 - A Community of Priests - Christopher Coats
08/19/07 - Find Your GiftChristopher Coats
08/26/07 - Unwrap Your Gift - Kiel Cooper

Seven Deadly Sins

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For centuries, Christians have known of the Seven Deadly Sins. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.  Some scholars estimate this list has been circulating in this form for over 700 years. They've become a part of the collective consciousness, actions that are universally recognized as being very, very "bad."  If everyone knows they're wrong, why is it that we still struggle with them?  Even when we know that these actions are wrong, they still appear in our lives far too often. 
During the summer of 2007, Beacon took a fresh look at the Seven Deadly Sins and learned how to choose God's way over the wrong way.

06/24/07 - Pride - Robert Kelly
07/01/07 - Greed - Christopher Coats
07/08/07 - Lust - Robert Kelly
07/15/07 - Sloth - Robert Kelly
07/22/07 - Anger - Robert Kelly
07/29/07 - Envy - Robert Kelly
08/05/07 - Gluttony - Robert Kelly

What If?

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These days, it's easy to get caught up in religious hype and simply find a church to sit in. That's what we're supposed to do, right? At Beacon Church, we think it can be so much more.  That is why we are asking "What If...?"  Often times we have questions about it all - questions about God, about Jesus, and about faith. In the spring of 2007, Beacon addressed some of the questions that people wonder about.

04/08/07 - ...Christianity is Irrelevant?  - Robert Kelly
04/15/07 - ...Science Contradicts the Bible? - Robert Kelly & George Rogan
04/22/07 - ...God Doesn't Care? - Robert Kelly
05/06/07 - ...If Fail? - Jack Crabtree, Executive Director of Long Island Youth for Christ 

Wisdom from Mom & Dad

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Remember the great advice that Mom and Dad gave you?  At their best, they wanted you to grow up to be everything that you could possibly be and more.  They would tell you to "Be nice" or to "Respect your elders."  That's great advice, but it's not just what Mom and Dad think, it's what God thinks, too.  In the time between Mother's Day and Father's Day and Father's Day 2007, Beacon examined New Testamanet book of I Peter and learned, through living God's way, how to live the best possible life.  Just like Mom and Dad wanted.

05/13/07 - Wisdom from Mom - Robert Kelly
05/27/07 - Go to Church - Robert Kelly 
06/03/07 - Walk It Off - Christopher Coats
06/10/07 - A Christian World View - Dan Buttafuoco
06/17/07 - Be Good - Robert Kelly