Jesus Great Commision to His disciples was to go make disciples! It wasn't a suggetion; it was a command. Part of this command was to teach newly made disciples to obey everything Jesus had commanded them, including the command to "Go make disiples." This means every disciple is to become a disciple-maker. It's the trajectory of every single follower of Jesus. The resources below offer tremendous insights into why and how we can be intentional about making disciples.

A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards
After You Believe by N.T. Wright
Discipleshift by Jim Putman
Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden
Exponential By Jon & Dave Ferguson
Firmly Planted By Robby Gallaty
Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt
Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson
Growing Up by Robby Gallaty
Multiply by Francis Chan
Overcoming Sin & Temptation by John Owen
Personal Disciple-Making by Christopher Adsit
Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual by Jim Putman
Rediscovering Discipleship by Robby Gallaty
Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt
Spirit of the Disciplines Dallas Willard
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life Donald Whitney
Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
The Complete Book of Discipleship Bill Hull
The Cost of Discipleship Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
The Dynamics of Personal Follow-up Gary Kuhne
The Gospel Primer by Caesar Kalinowski
The Great Omission by Dallas Willard
The Life of God in the Soul of Man Henry Scrougal
The Master Plan of Evangelism Robert Coleman
The State of Discipleship from Barna Research Group
The Trellis and the Vine by Colin Marshall & Tony Payne
The Ways of the Alongsider by Bill Mowry