A person’s spiritual journey begins at birth, and Baby Dedications are the first religious marker in this journey; they set the spiritual trajectory of a child’s life for years to come. When parents dedicate a child, they pledge to raise their child in the Christian faith.

Beacon's Baby Dedication services are a special service specifically for this purpose.  They take place on Sunday afternoon and last for about 30 minutes.  In this service, we join together in a couple songs of praise and read scriptures that remind of the beauty and responsibility of raising children.  After a cute slideshow of all the little ones, our Pastors issue a charge of responsibility to the parents where the parents pledge to raise their child in a Christian home.  The Pastors then issue a charge to the church where the church promises to support these families in every possible way as they raise their children.  Each baby is then prayed for individually.  

Here are a few of the Frequenty Asked Questions:

Is a Baby Dedication the same as a Baptism?
This is a great question.  At Beacon, we believe a person should be baptized when they are older and can make a personal decision to follow Christ.  Since a baby cannot make and articulate that decision, we do not baptism them.  Instead, a Baby Dedication is a declaration by the parents to raise their children in a Christian home and a joint prayer between the church and the parents that this child would choose to follow Christ as they grow up.

What is the right age to dedicate a baby?
At Beacon, we are completely flexible on this.  Any age is good with us!  Most people dedication their baby in the first year.  However, there is still a lot of variety, and we have also had many cases where a family comes to faith and wants to dedication their school age children.  This is great, too!

Is Kidz Quest open during a Baby Dedication?
No.  Everyone who attends, of all ages, will be together in our sanctuary.  

Can we do a different date for the Dedication?
Sorry, but no.  The Baby Dedication dates are set in harmony with the broader church calendar.  Since we have dedications about four times a year, if one date doesn't work out, jump on the next one!

I'm in!
Beacon holds these special Baby Dedication services on Sunday afternoons about 4 times per year.  If you would like to be a part of our next Baby Dedication service, contact Pastor Chris at Chris@BeaconChurchOnline.com