The Five Life Practices of a Fully Devoted Follower of Christ

At Beacon we don't want to claim Christ, but deny Him by our actions. We believe every follower of Jesus should be on a trajectory to become a mature disciple who is making disciples. Our desire is to equip men, women, and children toward this end. As we looked to Scripture, we identified Five Life Practices that are present in every mature follower of Christ. These practices act as a guide for everything we do.
  1. KNOW JESUS: A fully devoted follower of Jesus is constantly growing in their knowledge of Jesus. Knowing Jesus doesn't just refer to knowing about Jesus. I means knowing Him in a deeply personal and intimate way. While God reveals Himself in many ways, the two primary avenues for growing in our relationship with Him are Prayer and Scripture. We believe the more we are able to engage with God's word through hearing it, reading it, studying it, memorizing it, and meditating on it, and the more we are entering into times of genuine, focused prayer, the more we will know God and fall madly in love with Him.

  2. LOVE YOUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY: The Great Commandments instruct us to love God and people. While followers of Christ love all people, we have a special responsibility to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Together, we are the Body of Christ. We serve one another, we support each other, and we share life together.

  3. LIVE A QUESTIONABLE LIFE: Both Paul and Peter taught Christians to be prepared to answer people when they question us about our faith, hope, love. They assumed our lives would be so radically different than the world around us that people would be forced to ask why? We call this "Living a Questionable Life." It's not about being weird for the sake of being weird. It's about putting off the old self with its deceitful desires, to be made new in the attitude of our minds and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. If this is happening in our lives, we will love more fully, give more sacrificially, and live with an increasing purity.

  4. INTENTIONALLY MAKE DISCIPLES: Just before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He commissioned His disciples to go make more disciples. We believe this is the mission for every follower of Jesus, not just a few "elite" disciples. We believe it's the role of pastors and teachers to equip the rest of God's people to be Disciple-Makers! Our goal is to see every man, woman, and child who comes through our doors to be intentionally discipled then deployed to disciple others.

  5. B.L.E.S.S. YOUR NEIGHBOR: When Jesus told His disciples to make disciples, He didn't mean they should find existing Christians and help them grow into better Christians. He wanted them to find people who were far from God, and share with them the life changing message of the Gospel, then bring them to full maturity in Christ. This means the first step in carrying out the mission of God is to build into people who don't know Jesus, sharing our stories and His story. B.L.E.S.S. is a strategy:

    • Begin with Prayer: Fervently pray for specific people you know who are far from God.
    • Listen: Actively listen to them and take a genuine interest in their lives.
    • Eat: Share meals with them.
    • Serve: Serve them in meaningful ways according to needs that were identified by Listening to them.
    • Share: Share your story of how God has impacted your life and share God's grand story of redemption.
We believe if people are authentically engaging with these life practices they will grow into mature, fully devoted followers of Jesus who's lives are glorifying God, ushering in His Kingdom, and doing His will like it's done in Heaven.