I'm New

When someone visits a church they have a lot of questions.  We want to make it easy for you to come to church. We want you to experience the encouraging messages, great music, fun kids' activities and the casual, friendly, fun atmosphere here at Beacon.  For anyone looking to connect at Beacon, you might want to...
Show Up On Sundays
Come and hang out with us!  There are lots of great people at Beacon and the only way to get to know them is to come by and see us.  We always make sure that nobody comes and goes from a worship gathering without at least meeting a couple of people.  We even make sure of it during our worship gathering.
Stay for Coffee
We serve gourmet coffee and bagels before and after every worship gathering.  This is an ideal time to connect with people.  Mingle by the cafe and meet some people.  You won't regret it.  We promise!
Contact Kelly
One of the best ways to connect at Beacon is to drop a line to Kelly Belluomo via email or at (516) 620-5106 x709.  Kelly is the official Newcomer Coordinator and she would love to help you out!  Kelly and her team plan special events and informal events to connect people to each other.

Join a Growth Group
We understand it can be difficult to connect with people in meaningful ways when you only see them for few minutes in a large crowded room on Sunday mornings. Growth Groups are specially designed to allow you the opportunity to make more lasting connections in smaller, more intimate environments. If you're interested in finding out more about Growth Groups, contact Trevor Nauta.
Start Serving
Beacon believes that everyone has a set of unique gifts and talents to use in serving God and His church.  Joining a ministry team is also a great way to connect with people because you are all spending time together doing something that you all enjoy. If you're interested in finding out more about serving, contact Alison Orme.
Here are some other FAQ's about visiting Beacon that you may find helpful.
How Do I Get There?
Our street address is 65 East Williston Avenue, because Hillside Avenue is called East Williston Avenue for a few blocks.  Click here for a map.  You can also feel free to call us at (516) 620-5106 if you would like some additional help finding our location.
What Should I Expect in Church?
During a typical Sunday at Beacon, you'll experience practical teaching and a worship music style that celebrates God. What you learn on Sunday will help you live life on Monday (and throughout the week) and the music is probably the same style that you were listening to on your way to church. In recent worship gatherings, we've heard music from U2, Sting, the Beatles, and Sarah McLachlan, and at times from Bach, Brahms, and Debussy, too.   But it's not a concert - it's about Him, and it's fun, too!  We invite the congregation to participate in worship through singing, prayer and communion, and we sometimes take questions during the teaching time as well.  Not sure what we mean?  Come see for yourself!  Even if you have never opened the Bible, we want you to come and explore what life in Jesus Christ is all about.
Wait, Did You Say Church Would Be Fun?
We sure hope so!  We have a live house band, videos and dramas, and upbeat services.  At Beacon, you can enjoy coffee and bagels before, during or after our worship gatherings.  We have relevant teaching and a casual atmosphere.  People are welcome just as they are, regardless of their previous religious background.  People are empowered to use their talents and gifts in serving God and serving His church.  It sure sounds fun to us!
What Should I Wear?
Feel free to dress casually!  Most people wear jeans or something comfortable - usually you would be hard-pressed to find a necktie in the whole place!  We believe that God relates to us as we are and we don't need to pretend to be something or someone that we're not to move closer to Him.  That includes what we wear.  Of course, if you feel more comfortable dressing up, that's fine too!
What is Available For My Kids?
During our worship gatherings, Kidz Quest offers age-appropriate classes and learning opportunities for children ages 6 weeks to 6th grade.  It is our goal every week is to provide a safe, fun place for our kids to learn and grow. You will see our attention to detail in the way our volunteers teach your kids and the ways we make it easy for you to enjoy church.
We understand visiting a new church can be hard to do, but we look forward to meeting you some Sunday!